Laser Welding & Brazing Inspection

To improve visual weld quality, one must begin with determining the joining processes’ capability to produce good welds day after day even with the inherent variability common in manufacturing plants. The inspection systems can help quantify what this variation is. After improving the process as much as possible, the inspection system is then used to monitor the ongoing quality.


LAS-SCAN/LWJ is an inspection and monitoring system designed for the inspection of laser-welded blanks and can be interfaced to any special purpose machine or welding robot used today. The 3D laser vision systems can inspect the joint before welding as well as the top and/or bottom bead after welding. LAS-SCAN/LWJ is also offered with high-speed blue-laser and twin-sensor cameras for the detection of minute size pinholes and spatter on highly reflective and uneven welded surfaces.

Image courtesy of Maser Engineering

Laser Weld Inspection with LAS-SCAN Image courtesy of Maser Engineering


LAS-SCAN/LBJ is an inspection and monitoring system designed for laser brazing process control, especially on exposed car body components which require the extremely high quality braze joints. This system deals with the very small dimensions of the pinholes to be detected compared to the large dimensions of a car body, the inaccuracy of the car body position and the complexity of programming the robot holding the optical measuring device to insure optimal measurement results.

The high speed blue-laser and twin-sensor camera models are also offered with LAS-SCAN/LBJ system. This 3D dual sensor technology optimizes the performance of the 3D laser-camera to detect the small defects including the minute size pinholes, regardless of the ambient lighting, surface conditions and color. The complete range image is also processed to provide key dimensions of the seam for quality control (concavity, width).

Laser Weld Inspection with LAS-SCAN/LWJ

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