Arc Seam Tracking

Seam Tracking, also known as Joint Tracking, involves real-time tracking just ahead of where the weld is being deposited. This allows for not only robot or machine trajectory shifts, but also adaptive control such as adjustments to voltage, wire feed, or travel speed to change weld bead formation.


AUTO-TRAC/PWP is the most compact seam tracking system on the market. It can be easily retrofitted onto any existing hard welding automation machine that either has no joint tracking capability or is presently using a mechanical probe. The system is equipped with a POWER-CAM laser-sensor with an embedded color video camera which can be used for welding process monitoring and remote teaching.

Image courtesy of Advanced Welding Methods

AUTO-TRAC/PWP™ Image courtesy of Advanced Welding Methods


Very compact, high-speed 3D laser-vision system for robotic arc welding and other industrial robotic processes. Compatible with all welding processes (GMAW, GTAW, Hybrid Laser, laser welding, etc., with pulsed or high-frequency power source). Reduces process instability and spatter and improves the weld quality by precise positioning of the wire in the joint. Designed for robotic welding processes and includes all the necessary software to deal with all types of welding materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys.



High-speed compact seam tracking laser-vision system for arc welding. Features and benefits include: high-speed real-time seam tracking and seam finding, measurements of joint geometry and dimensions, adaptive welding, copes with complex trajectories and critical part variability, IoT/Industry 4.0 compatible, and image courtesy of Advanced Welding Methods. NANO-BOX the most compact 3D vision control unit with networking capability for Arc welding.



The POWER-TRAC family of seam trackers includes sensors capable of precisely following any weld joint in combination with all welding processes and robots. In addition, full adaptive control is available to help compensate for part fit-up and maintain the desired welding speed and quality.

Image courtesy of REIS Robotics (China) Co., Ltd.

POWER-TRAC™ Image courtesy of REIS Robotics (China) Co., Ltd.

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