Plasma Cutting & Beveling


The i-CUBE-T is an advanced integrated hybrid sensing system for universal control of industrial robots. i-CUBE-T gives optical precision to industrial robotic processes and its rugged design and powerful
on-board control electronics make it ideal for industrial environments such as welding, cutting, handling, and inspection.

Plasma Cutting & Beveling with i-CUBE-T


The MWR-100/350 (Mobile Welding Robot) is an innovative new vision-assisted mobile fully-programmable welding robot. This three axis robot is capable of welding in all positions on any material and joint type and it is also capable of doing automated plasma beveling and cutting.

The portability of the system allows it to be brought onto large weldments such as ship stiffeners and mining equipment modules, thus reducing the need to move the part within the factory which is expensive and time consuming. The simplicity of the system allows the operator to run several systems simultaneously, which reduces the cost of operation. The integrated laser vision seam tracking system has an embedded color video camera, which allows remote teaching and process monitoring thus removing the operator from the hazardous welding area.

Image courtesy of Hypertherm

Automated Plasma Beveling and Cutting with MWR-350

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