WiKi-SCAN Videos

WiKi-SCAN Family of Handheld Wireless Weld Inspection Systems

The WiKi-SCAN family consists of WiKi-SCAN for typical weld inspections, WiKi-SCAN/L with a very large measuring area, and WiKi-SCAN/HR the high precision model. They are all designed for pre- and post-weld inspection and measurements.

WiKi-SCAN Portable Inspection System

SERVO-ROBOT’s WiKi-SCAN is a unique handheld wireless inspection system which ensures the reliability of the weld process.

WiKi-SCAN Roller Encoder Option

The WiKi-SCAN with the encoder option allows the system to precisely measure the distance traveled by the sensor over the inspected feature and to compute the length and location of the defects.

Wireless Transfer of Inspection Reports

Learn how easy it is to transfer the weld inspection report from the WiKi-SCAN using the integrated Wi-Fi functionality.

WiKi-SCAN Carrying Case

Learn more about the WiKi-SCAN‘s heavy-duty, impact resistant case and the accessories included with every WiKi-SCAN system.

The WiKi-SCAN Battery

Learn more about the WiKi-SCAN‘s Lithium-Ion batteries and the included charger.

Turning on the WiKi-SCAN

Learn more about how to power-up and the three ways to power-down the WiKi-SCAN system.

Buttons & Navigation

Learn more about using the WiKi-SCAN‘s navigation buttons and the touch screen interface for menu navigation and device control.

Creating Tasks & Tolerances

Learn more about the WiKi-SCAN‘s intuitive operation and the short learning curve required to perform weld or joint inspections.

Add Inspector Comments

Learn how to easily add additional inspection information such as images, recorded voice comments and text notes to any inspection captured using the WiKi-SCAN system.

Manual Measurements

Learn how to perform manual measurements of special joint/weld features using the WiKi-SCAN system.

Reviewing an Inspection

Learn how to review the measurement data along with any additional information stored with this inspection (pictures, voice comments, text notes).

Generating & Exporting a Report

Learn how to generate an inspection report and export it to the included USB Flash drive.

Reviewing a Report

Learn more about the WiKi-SCAN‘s XLS-based inspection reports, which are easily viewed in Microsoft® Excel®.

Verify the WiKi-SCAN calibration

Learn how easy it is to verify the calibration of the WiKi-SCAN system with the included calibration block.

WiKi-SCAN Maintenance

Learn how little maintenance is required of the WiKi-SCAN to ensure measurement integrity as well as what harsh environments you can operate the WiKi-SCAN system under.

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