SERVO-ROBOT is proud to introduce i-CUBE™ which is part of SERVO-ROBOT’s new Universal Robot Sensor product line. This unique multi-sensing device is integrated into a cubic compact and rugged package designed to be mounted on industrial robots.

The on-board control of i-CUBE™ includes a powerful electronic platform optimized for real-time data acquisition and data fusion. This compact control platform communicates with the robot via a high-speed Ethernet link. i-CUBE™ uses 3-D multi-laser range imaging optics to provide the necessary measurement capabilities to the robot in the execution of its task.

The i-CUBE™ platform also integrates several additional sensors to assist the robot in the programming and completion of an industrial process in a most efficient manner. In addition to 3-D range measurement, i-CUBE™ provides HD color video monitoring and analysis, motion information and other special sensory data.

i-CUBE™ drastically simplifies the implementation of robotic processes enabling automatic robot teaching, part finding, seam tracking, process monitoring and inspection in various manufacturing industries. The Universal Robot Sensor product line created by SERVO-ROBOT will drastically improve the performance of robots and increase their use in all industries.

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