Automatic Robot Teaching

Automatic teaching of FANUC CRX robot using the SERVO-ROBOT QUICK-SCAN laser-vision system. Save time teaching your robot how to weld your parts and obtain an accurate welding trajectory with only a few taught points with the camera’s laser stripe positioned over the joint.

ATC Module

Ultra Fast Programming of the FANUC CRX by QUICK-SCAN

  • Quick, easy and accurate path teaching with one 3D laser scan
  • Teach a complex robot path as easily as a straight line
  • Set the welding torch angle with the touch of a finger
  • Plug-in available for the FANUC CRX Tablet Teach Pendant
  • Web-based HMI on FANUC Tablet Teach Pendant
  • Other available functions: Seam Finding, Seam Tracking, Inspection
Arc Seam Finding with QUICK-SPOT™

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