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WiKi-SCANの最新情報とイベント (英語)

8th AWS Shipbuilding Conference

SERVO-ROBOT will be at the AWS 8th Shipbuilding Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. SERVO-ROBOT will be giving presentations on about portable robotics and the WiKI-SCAN™ weld scanning system. For more information, click...

WiKi-SCAN: A Revolution in Weld Quality Management

SERVO-ROBOT has launched WiKi-SCAN, a unique handheld laser-based welding inspection system. To inspect the part, the inspector simply holds the system up to the unwelded or welded joint and presses the trigger to take measurements and determine if there are any...

WiKI-SCAN featured in Fabricating & Metalworking

The WiKI-SCAN™ has been featured in the article “A Revolution in Weld Quality Management” by Fabricating & Metalworking. It gives great insight into what the WiKI-SCAN™ does and its advantages. Take a look at the article here:...

2012 North Central States Consortium

SERVO-ROBOT is pleased to announce its participation in the 2012 North Central States Consortium to take place on October 9-10, 2012, in St. Paul, MN, USA.

WiKI-SCAN Demonstration in Denver, Colorado USA

SERVO-ROBOT is pleased to announce its participation in the Workshop on Quality, Productivity and Safety Solutions in Welding Education and Training organized by the International Institute of Welding (IIW).