SERVO-ROBOT is now offering the WiKi-SCAN handheld weld inspection system with a Roller Encoder option for an even more powerful inspection tool. Also included is the ability to send a detailed inspection report via Wi-Fi.

Newly introduced functions include:

  • Defect type, length and location are now automatically registered and can be compared to weld standard requirements
  • The defects can be exactly located from a known point on the weld bead
  • An Excel® report can be created at any time and sent directly through Wi-Fi to a tablet or PC
  • The report can be used to match the result to the location of the defect on the actual part to insure the repair is done correctly
  • Quality managers can receive the inspection reports in their office from any inspector on the factory floor or anywhere in the world

Please contact us to learn more about WiKi-SCAN!

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